Biker Style Guide

You want to have a real biker style in all circumstances? Do you have a passion for leather clothing and beautiful machines? Whether you're already an ace on the road or just a fan of the biker look, you're in the best place on earth if you're looking for a thrill 👊

Outside of their bikes, bikers assert a look all their own. And that's what we're going to focus on today! How to adopt a biker style easily and much more. If you want the dark look of leather, the must-have style of skull belts or the prowess of silver jewelry, you've come to the right place young rebel. Hold on to your handlebars and let your hair blow in the wind!

Young fanatic of the great outdoors on the road, welcome to Skull Faction! In this article, you will get the answers to the questions we just asked above. After reading this blog post, you'll know exactly what a biker look is and why you should adopt it too. Let's ride !

1) The Biker Style Essential: The Leather Jacket

It should be noted that the style of bikers depends a lot on their security. Indeed, jackets, pants and other leather boots are perfect to resist to bad weather and especially to possible falls. The biker look is part of that. Then, it has been perfected to become a real timeless look ...

The most famous garment is without a doubt the leather jacket. Any biker worth his salt has one (or more) and proudly displays it to the rest of the world. 🕶

Here are some other features of the good biker leather jacket: a large slanted pocket on the chest (in which you can easily put a road map), side pockets with vertical slots. Sometimes there is a belt around the jacket, folds in the back and arms for greater freedom of movement.

Note that each biker jacket has its own style. There is no need to look for a jacket that has all of the above characteristics. The right jacket is the one you feel good in!

A classic biker jacket is sewn from bovine leather (buffalo or cowhide), which is quite thick and therefore heavy. People who are not from this world usually wear relatively thin leather jackets. However, as bikers, when we buy a jacket, we think a lot about its thickness. Obvious protection against the cold, and especially in case of contact with the tar ...

Veste motard crâne

Origin of Biker Jackets

We think that this style of clothing has always existed. But it is not. Let's take a brief look at the origin of biker jackets. When did they appear? For what reasons? And how did they become so big in this world and in the "classic" fashion world?

They appeared after the war of 39-45. The pilots of airplanes having used them a lot to fight and to protect themselves in their cabins, often letting the wind and the cold through... The vast majority of them never went on board without their fetish clothes. The leather perfecto became a real must-have for the pilots of that time.

When the war was over, many of them left their planes and moved to motorcycles. They kept their favorite clothes on their shoulders. And guess what... These jackets protected them perfectly from the wind, the cold, and the bad weather! So it fit perfectly in the daily life of our war heroes and since then, never left them. ✌️

  Style motard veste

The Leather Perfecto for All

The leather jacket could have remained on the shoulders of the knights of the 50's motorcycles and extended only to this circle! But it was without counting on its real power of seduction. Its multiplication and the love of the bikers for this so singular clothing crossed the borders of the motorcycle world to come to introduce itself in the heart of all the rebels of this earth.

The great personalities of the time began to wear leather jackets, the rockers in particular. Great actors have also shown modernity (at the time) by putting on buffalo leather jackets in particular. And this democratization of this garment has come to invade the stores and dressings of all men with a strong character! 😈

Some rock bands have even made it a strong element against the capitalist society and has become a true symbol of freedom. This philosophy has been won a wide audience, far beyond the music culture. Goths, metalheads, rockers, mobsters and many more have found themselves wearing this garment originally intended to protect bikers from the weather and falls...

Biker look

2) The Must of the Biker Style: The Sleeveless Jacket

The sleeveless jacket has become an essential piece of clothing for motorcycle riders. Just like skull belts, leather boots, bandanas and jeans. The "modern cowboy" style has become the essence of the style of these bikers but not only! All the free spirits who feel in agreement with the values that this clothing put forward!

Riding a motorcycle imposes quite strict requirements in terms of clothing. And the sleeveless jacket is perfect for all those men who don't particularly want to protect their arms (because a scratch never hurts) but rather to protect their vital organs and warm up the center of the body. His singular style also helped the sleeveless jacket gain popularity among handlebar freaks. 🩸

Biker vests became especially popular with the expansion of the club movement. Club members began to supplement their vests with patches.

3) Biker Style Essentials: The Patch

As a member of a gang or a club, a true biker wears patches to emphasize his membership in the group. It is a very American tradition, but it is also found in Europe among the most fanatical bikers. We find it very often on our leather jackets which we speak just above.

Biker patches are composed of three parts:

  • The mentions of the top
  • The mentions of the bottom
  • A central patch

The upper part bears the name of a biker club, while the lower part indicates the place where it was founded. The middle part sometimes offers the opportunity to know the level of involvement of a man in the group. 🛡

Style patchs motard

The Grades of a Biker Patch

As we have just mentioned, there are several grades and statuses in a club. Let's see what the different patches mean according to their inscriptions and the location where they are on the biker's outfit. 😎

Many bikers have patches made with their name or nickname. This patch is always affixed to the heart area. Here are the different ranks of people wearing the colors of a club:

A "nomad" is a simple member of the club. He is a soldier of the gang and does not make any decision concerning the gang. He is a kind of "fan" or even sometimes a simple spectator.

A "rider" is a man who agrees with the ideologies of the gang, proudly wears the colors and is present at all the gatherings, but who intends to keep his independence and therefore does not want to enter the offices.

The "president" is the big boss of the gang. He manages the whole organization, the meetings, takes the financial decisions, manages the activities (criminal or not) and much more...

The "vice-president" is the vice-president of a club replacing the president in case of absence or death of the latter.

The "treasurer" manages all the financial part of the gang. He also manages everything that is related to the patches. Who gets their patch and why, and who has to give it back or not (often due to unpaid). 🙍♂️

The "road captain" is the person who manages all the gatherings of the group. He prepares his trips, the routes they go through, the stops, the speed of progress of the group etc etc. He is always at the front when the bikers of the gang gather.

Ecussons blousons Biker

4) Adopt the Biker Symbols

In addition to the gang patches, biker enthusiasts proudly display various more common symbols on their bikes or on themselves. Let's see some of them together:

The Skulls

A skull and crossbones symbolizes the values of "Momento Mori", a slogan from South America that some cultures even use as a lifestyle. It means "remember that you will die". Some people see this as something negative, but for bikers it's not... ☠️

The idea of displaying a skull on your clothes, motorcycle and through the accessories or jewelry you wear is to proudly assert the fact that you live each day as if it were your last. Skull tattoos are also popular among bikers. We invite you to also join the movement by owning a young rebel skull ring!

1% (One Percent)

This sign is the symbol of the most bandit-like bikers. Indeed, in the 70's, many biker groups were seen as the leaders of different criminal activities. But these groups are finally very few, it was said at the time that only 1% of bikers were criminals. To distinguish themselves from the others, they proudly displayed this symbol.

The Iron Cross

Iron crosses originally worn by the military (like leather jackets) followed the movement and became very popular among bikers. The idea here was to wear the emblems of the enemy (after defeating them). It became one of the main symbols of the biker culture. 🏍

5) Leather Boots: A Biker Style Requirement

A biker needs to be comfortable when wearing his riding gear. That's why the shoes should not interfere with the movement of the ankles. Biker clothing is often more practical than beautiful. That's why we use items that hold up to a lot of riding and rubbing on the shifters. And the good news is that these boots are absolutely timeless and will always be relevant, and that will still be the case even in 50 years. 🥾

Biker boots should be practical, comfortable and have non-slip soles. Military boots with laces or lace-up booties are often worn. The sole should be thick to protect the feet and not be cold in winter.

Bottines motard Look

6) Biker jeans

Today, many of us choose jeans to ride our bikes. They are perfect alternatives to the leather pants preferred for very long trips. Bikers generally prefer straight cut jeans. Torn and worn pants with oil marks are more of a pride. ✌️

Look jean Biker

7) Pants made of Leather.

Others prefer leather bottoms. These are real resistant against the weather and especially: ultimate protections for the falls of the knights of the road. They have the huge advantage of protecting in case of falls. When a biker falls from his motorcycle, leather pants prevent him from serious injuries. Also, in winter, they are much warmer than jeans. 👖

8) A Bandana = Biker Style Guaranteed.

An absolutely essential accessory for any good rider that respects himself! The bandana is a favorite of all guys who ride a lot. It allows you to have a unique style. But not only! It also protects from wear and tear on the inside of the helmet. Sweat is drawn through the fabric for better comfort. 🔧

9) Leather Gloves

The basics of putting your hands on the handlebars of your bike is to have gloves. And even when the weather is nice! They protect your hands and make sure you keep the flu on your wrists during your rides. Of course, they also protect the biker perfectly if he is going to fall...

Biker Style Woman

The clothes to adopt to have a biker style are not specific to each sex. We find almost the same clothes for a woman who is a motorcycle fanatic. However, women also come to impose their look to show their love of motorcycle by adding sometimes a feminine touch to their clothes!

The biker style elements for women almost always consist of a leather jacket, leather pants or shorts, gloves, skull t-shirts, belts, leather bags with bangs, high boots or even black jackets. 🤙

Style motard femme

Leather bottoms are perfect to adopt with a "civilian" outfit and accessories that are more "feminine" to bring a real bad-girl look that will make you a character with a strong character. It's up to you to let your imagination run wild to showcase your style. 💁♀️

Such an outfit is suitable for almost every type of occasion in a woman's life. Walks around the city, evenings with friends, but most of all: for motorcycle rides!

To go even further, you can visit our page with all the information you need to know about biker culture.

Adopt the Biker Style

We have just listed the different clothes that perfectly characterize the look of a biker. Now you know what you have to do and the clothes you absolutely must acquire to get the bad boy style you so deserve 😉

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