Why Wear Skull Jewelry?

One of the oldest and most powerful symbols in the history of mankind is the skull. So it's only natural that skull jewelry has become a popular fashion trend. Some of these types of jewelry include skull wedding rings, skull piercings, bracelets, or even skull pendants. Check out our best skull wedding rings below!

For many years, men have also adopted this trend. Unlike other accessories, skull jewelry supports a man's masculinity. The reality is that people wear skull jewelry for completely different reasons. While some believe that wearing accessories with a skull can help them gain good luck and fortune, others associate the skull with deeper vocations and meanings.

1) Skull Jewelry: History & Symbolism

Skulls are seen today in all kinds of clothing, accessories and jewelry. They occupy an important place in printed visuals and modern tattoo art. But where did the representations of skulls, skeletal wings and bones that we've all come to regard as part of fashion really come from? Well, believe it or not, the wearing of bone and metal skull jewelry dates back to ancient history, and the significance of skull jewelry hasn't changed much in a thousand years.

Ancient civilizations such as the Aztecs and Egyptians considered skulls to be a symbol of the sinister cycle of death, but also of the renewal of rebirth. Among these cultures, mortality was not represented by the same clichés as in the Western world today. The different stages of life (among others the journey to the afterlife as well as to the dark underworld) were worshipped with the same reverence as the respective gods that were supposed to represent them. Real bones were also attached to certain pierced areas of the skin to create be considered as jewelry. In this case, the larger the bone, the stronger and more respected the tribesman was by his own people.

Piercings Ossements

Many of the ceremonies and celebrations, which were of Aztec origin, that involved skulls and/or skeletal bones, eventually evolved into a celebration of contemporary Mexican culture. It is known today as Dia de los Muertos, which translates to "Day of the Dead." 😵 Nowadays, the Day of the Dead is celebrated and feted in almost every region of Mexico 🇲🇽 and even in several areas of Latin America. It is a two-day festival that takes place at the same time as the traditional Catholic feast days known as "All Saints" and "The Faithful Departed", the first and second of November. The skull and crossbones symbol obviously still has a very strong connection with all these holidays. The shaped and painted marzipan candies called "Sugar Skulls" also play an important role.

During the Elizabethan period in Europe, rings with a skull and crossbones, or a skull with a missing jaw, became a symbol of being part of the underworld. In fact, this image of the human skull still appears today in the insignia of many biker gangs and even shooting sports clubs. In the same vein, it very often implies membership in these types of groups that are strongly considered to be on the fringe of our society.

Bikers Hells Angels

In more modern times, the skulls associated with death have been represented with several elements. The wings evoke freedom, which can be understood as the transformation of the dead from their physical bodies to a free and vacant spiritual form. The crossed bones also represent eternity, sometimes danger or even poison. Butterflies are associated with the changing nature of life. The snakes represent immortality or knowledge of the other world. Next, the ✝️ crosses evoke the beginnings of humanity. The most recent addition to this menagerie, the skull and crossbones with a bow resting above them, has also become clearly symbolic of the recent female embrace of these ideas.

Emblems and illustrations that contain skulls and/or skeleton bones 🦴 continue to be recycled today, but also evolve through different movements in fashion, but also contemporary art. Only time will tell where these images will take us in the future of fashion.


2) Why do men wear skull jewelry?

Traditionally, warriors wore skulls as a symbol of power and strength to intimidate their opponents and inspire victory. Starting in the 15th century, people began to embrace what evoked mortality to them, among other things, skeletons with skulls. 💀 This movement thus brought about what is known as the "Memento Mori", which is literally translated as "Remember that you will die".

In modern times, men tend to wear skulls to evoke these same feelings of power and mortality. But in this age of visual media, celebrities, starting with Rock Stars, 🤘 have injected the Death's Head fashion into the population.

Bijoux de Star Tête de Mort

Women are appropriating the skull fashion and taking it for their own. You can even find it at Fall/Winter Fashion Week on models walking the runway.

Women who wear skulls may choose to wear them for the same reasons men do. They may seek to exude a sense of power or superiority, or they may perceive it as a touch of whimsy in their outfit.

Bagues & Bijoux Gothiques Tête de Mort

Skull jewelry is now part of many community movements such as Gothic, Punk and Steampunk, which are very fashionable. Both men and women should wear skull jewelry without fear, as an expression of their own, regardless of the labels.

Screw the system, do what you like!

A. Choosing Your Skull Necklace

Collier Tête de Mort

When it comes to men's necklaces, start with a 50cm or longer (20 inches) chain. Make it thick and strong to give you a more masculine look. Silver is a more affordable and durable choice for skull jewelry. But the more complex the necklace, the more expensive it will be.

The look is another reason why it would be better to choose a necklace that is in line with your personality. No one wants to look like a dark fool, so focus on buying a skull necklace that will speak in your favor.

Women prefer to wear their fashionable necklace with an extra long chain. Keep in mind that a woman's chain is thinner than a man's traditional chain.

You can also choose a pendant that adds whimsy with a small decorated skull. The perfect choice would be a feminine icon like a gothic butterfly pendant that overlays the image of the delicate butterfly 🦋 with the hardness of the skull.




B. The Meaning of Skull Rings


Signification Bagues Tête de Mort

Although sometimes skull rings for men can be wrongly associated with danger, this type of jewelry actually represents toughness and bravery. Many members of biker groups wear skull jewelry to show their courage in the face of adversity. Men also wear skull rings to increase their self-confidence, show their masculinity and demonstrate inner strength.

No one wears skull rings more than bikers, pirates 🏴☠️ and Keith Richards. Bikers made big rings what they are today. Nothing says "I'm going to leave a dent in your face" like a nice big skull ring. Men's fat fingers can afford to wear a big ring without worrying about anything, but can a woman?

Bague Tête de Mort Femme
Imagine your girlfriend stealing your ring and wearing it on her thumb. Damn, that's infuriating, but at the same time sexy for so many reasons.

First, it's so cute to see her wearing a tough guy ring on her elegant little fingers. Second, it also proves her brave spirit that you love so much about her.

And most importantly, it shows the world that she's yours. The new rule of fashion is that there are no rules. ❌ So let your flag fly in the wind!


C. Wearing Skull Bracelets

Bracelets Tête de Mort

We bet you didn't know that some women find forearms super sexy. A great way to catch her eye on yours is to wear a skull watch or a leather bracelet.

Having a bracelet is an added touch to your style and shows that you are a confident man. It's a skull and crossbones piece of jewelry that will set you apart from the crowd.

A man's bracelet is legally your sweetheart's bracelet. It depends on the size of your sweetheart, but she can wear it very easily. We'll give you a real tip, if her wrist is too small and the bracelet slips through the opening. If your girl is that small, she can slide your skull bracelet over her bicep and wear it as a Greek or Egyptian style arm bracelet.

Again, it's downright sexy.

Bracelet Tête de Mort Femme

3) Day of the Dead: Celebration of Life

Mexican "Day of the Dead" celebrations, Dia de los Muertos have been adapted by variations of traditions, Egyptian and Aztec cultures in their celebrations. 🎊 In addition, some people celebrate the completed lives of their loved ones by wearing skull jewelry, which may reflect their belief in an afterlife form. Skull accessories can also represent a celebration of a person's life or a representation of their rebirth or transformation.

Célébration Jour des Morts Mexique

4) The Fashion and Appeal of the Skull

A huge portion of those who wear skull jewelry are simply attracted by the fashionable emphasis on these products. Some people even buy skull shaped rings from top designers with gold, silver, diamonds 💎 or even other precious stones (rubies, sapphires, etc...) to advocate their luxurious tastes. As there are many occult meanings related to the human skull, the fashion industry has taken interest and developed the trend without restraint.

Most companies have realized that many men and women can identify with the skull. Therefore, these fashion-oriented companies continue to produce attractive jewelry with a bold structure at a high price.

Mode Tête de Mort

The versatility of the structure also adds to the appeal of skull jewelry for many users. Some jewelry designers like to use the skull with their own design while others creatively incorporate the already existing structure into intricate works of art. The various aspects of the skull have subsequently been integrated into the following components:

  • Crossed bones: symbolism of eternity, danger or poison
  • Crosses: represent the beginning of humanity
  • Butterflies: signify the changing nature of life
  • Snakes: Represent immortality and/or knowledge of the other world
  • Wings : signify the freedom that is associated with the passage of the dead from their physical human form to a freer spiritual entity
  • Bows: represents the recent female embrace of the skull and its connotations

Stars, fashion icons and ordinary people can be seen pairing skull jewelry with their favorite clothes and accessories. The flexibility of the skull in fashion is definitely apparent in today's society.

Veste Gothique Tête de Mort

The skull is one of the most attractive and trendy structures, but for some people, skull jewelry is more than just a bold accessory. With its profound meanings and exceptional versatility, skull jewelry promises to remain a popular trend for a long time.

5) Who Wears Skull Jewelry Best?

Skull jewelry can work for both men and women. You know you can wear it just fine everywhere because you're a biker stud, but you'll be amazed at how a woman can magically adapt to almost any skull trend.

She'll make it feminine because she's soft and sweet, and boy, skulls have never been sexier than when they're on her.

You can also find our wide array of skull jewelry for you and your sweetheart on our store!