Skull Belt



Instead of wearing an ordinary, everyday belt, why not take the opportunity to match your style perfectly and wear a real Skull Belt?


Our Skull Belts are easy to use, very durable, but above all, they have a more than aggressive style! They are designed for the true rock, metal and punk fanatic. Choose your model and don't hesitate to get rid of what used to be your belt and replace it with this real weapon of mass destruction!

No need to draw you a picture, these models straight from the flames of hell are not for everyone... These skull belts bring an absolutely demonic style to the one who dares to put them around the waist and that's exactly why we love them. It's about time you chose the one that suits you best from our range. Most of them are made of leather so that elegance is the key to your hardened biker look.


Our belts are primarily made to appeal to the male gender. The skull symbol stands for power, strength and respect. These are the values that make you the person you are. So if you find yourself in this message, one of them is for you, so don't give it up! 😈

Bikers are the most fanatical about our items and even more so about accessories such as these belt designs. And rightly so, you wouldn't ride your bike without putting on your gloves. The same goes for jeans, you wouldn't think of not wearing a belt buckle. And while we're at it, the skull symbol has to be there.


Ladies, we haven't forgotten you! The gentlemen's hobbyhorse is not exclusively reserved for them and the same goes for belts with a skull... All our models are therefore perfectly suited to the roughest and most gothic women on the planet. Choose yours carefully, it will serve you for years.

Because every reaper is far from ordinary, your shoes must also be out of the ordinary. That's why we've put together all the best models in our collection of skull shoes. Adopt them yourself for a complete style that is absolutely deadly. The trainers support your goth biker style and make you the enterprising person you are. Just like our belts, they're not for everyone... Only for the freedom-seeking spirit!