Skull Clothing



The best Skull Clothes you will find in the UK are at Skulls33. Come and find the style that best represents you with our range of skull clothing for a guaranteed demonic look!


Each of our skull garments are carefully selected to offer you only long-lasting garments with a digital 3D print design for a stunning effect! Whether you are looking for :

  • Skull Hoodies
  • Skull T-Shirts
  • Skull Jackets
  • Skull Dresses
  • Skull Heels
  • Skull Shoes
  • Skull Boots


The easy stereotype is that skulls are only meant to be worn by men. This is of course totally wrong! The women wearing our t-shirts, sweatshirts and caps are having a field day and when they send us their photos, we understand why! The offbeat style of the skulls is welcome by every woman in the world. Whether you're a goth, a rocker or a two-wheeled mechanic, your skull clothes will always be there to support you in your quest for freedom.


Life is short, and the man wearing any of our creations has understood this. They are intended for the freest of spirits who are constantly searching for freedom and power. Adopt yours and finally become master of your destiny for eternity.

Our skull crossbones t-shirts are the most popular items in this collection. The unique and completely offbeat style of the grim reaper is in the hearts of our rebels. Take the first step towards her too, to make sure you're welcomed into hell as you've wanted to be since birth!

The Bikers always find their way into the leather jacket collection and you'll soon see why once you've had a look. Indian skulls, Sons of Anarchy, or the Ace of Spades with a skull symbolize the roads of the world on jackets that are only worn by cold-blooded men.