Skull Crystal



Whether Mayan or Aztec, crystal skulls have been around for ages and continue to fascinate. Find the most beautiful of them on Skull Faction. This collection offers you a colorful and spiritual decoration!


Crystal skulls are well known throughout the world. These representations of human skulls in rock crystal are highly prized by antique enthusiasts. But not only that! They have also won over the hearts of those who love decorative objects with a spiritual dimension. This is why they are so popular today. 😎

Lovers of esotericism cannot live their passion to the full without keeping a special eye on these unusual skulls. The history of these skulls goes back hundreds of years when men carved in crystal to make the shape of their ancestors' heads appear. Scientists are unanimous: there are hundreds of them left to be discovered underground!

But for us, there is no question of waiting for new crystal skulls to be discovered! That's why we've created this collection of small skulls for a spiritual and colourful decoration.