Skull Heels




Make a statement with our pair of skull pumps and add a demonic edge to your femininity. They're the perfect accessory to make your case to the grim reaper. The goths love them, rockers only wear these unusual models. You also have to be one of us by choosing your pair for a style straight from hell. Compliments from your mates will never be long in coming with these shoes on your feet!


The big advantage of these models is that you will never go unnoticed... Whether it's a flashy pink, black with studs or pink with polka dots, nothing and nobody will remain indifferent in front of one of these high heels. And that's just as well. You're expressing your passion for fashion and unusual styles, and that's what we encourage you to do. The comfort of heels can sometimes be a problem. But don't worry, our models are all equipped with thick soles and reinforced inner contours for unparalleled comfort.

To care for your heels, simply use a damp cloth after each use to clean them. Then use a second cloth (dry this time). This way, any of the models in our collection will last you for years.