Skull Hoodie



What could be better than a good sweatshirt at home to keep you warm while having style. Personne ne peut venir te chercher des noises tant que tu porteras sur toi un de nos Hoodies Skull.


Come choose your skull and crossbones sweater with your favourite design to accompany you throughout the day. It is the essential garment for your winter. That you wear it at home to binge watch Netflix, in the evening with your friends or to go out, you will keep an out of the ordinary style and sweep away all the people who want to stand in your way.

Our sweatshirts are very popular with bikers, They are perfect to wear in summer when you are driving at low speed. You take the wind so you don't get hot, without being in a t-shirt. But our models do not only appeal to the crazy handlebar ! If you are goth and love skulls on your clothes, this collection is also made for you. Don't panic, friends modern-day rocker, we have not forgotten you ! The electric guitar is very present in our designs, up to you to make good use of it. 😉


Womens seem to be among the most enthusiastic about the items in this collection and we are very proud of that! You're raiding our stocks and your feedback on the quality of our skull sweat hoodies is heartwarming. That's why we take special care to design our range of sweatshirts according to what women want from us.

Flame sweater, sweater skull demonic, sweat faucheuse, sweat joker, You need to will have to choose from our wide range of products. And if you are so hesitant, take two, you will never regret it ! Mr Jack also makes a good appearance in this collection, It which delights cartoon fanatics. Assert yourself as high and strong and how much you love this unusual skeletal man.


Ah... You've waiting calmly for us to talk about it. And we understand you ! The model skull mexican the most popular of our wide range of hoodies. And for good reason, they are the most spiritual of all. Indeed, Mexican skulls celebrate our dead. Ceux qui nous ont quittés restent proches de nous et c'est le symbole ultime de ceux qui ne seront jamais oubliés. Choose yours carefully and it will never leave you.

Get a real biker look by finishing your style with a Skull Jacket. It is the essential garment for every self-respecting biker. With the sweat from this collection, the leather of our jackets will give a real boost to your style so that no weaknesses show through. See you soon on the other side, young rebel!