Skull Jacket



Think of you're a real Midwestern biker with a good Skull Leather Jacket like we like! Leather is coming into your style to impose a real look from the American roads. 


Discover our wide collection of skull jackets made for real motorbike enthusiasts! One thing to remember: take your bike and ride it hard and make a lot of noise. The energy of the leather will naturally increase your charisma and presence. That's what you can expect when you wear one of our jackets with a human skull symbol.

Whether you're a seasoned biker or a newbie to the sport, embrace the style of a manly, confident man. The combination of leather and a skull doesn't come into your life quietly. It comes to put a big iron bar in the teeth of your rivals and that's the signature SKULLS33. 👊


There is no doubt that a man's style of dress is extremely important. It reflects who you are, the values you hold and the convictions you have. The symbol of the human skull used on all the articles we propose in our shop is there to impose strong values. Power, charisma, ethics and responsibility towards your fellow man are the values that the valorous ones daring to wear this type of clothing on their shoulders advocate.

The day has come for you to take the plunge. Carefully choose one of our skull leather jackets and take control of your life. We work hard to provide you with unique designs, but above all, they will last of the time


Women are not left set aside it comes to leather jackets. All our models are perfectly unisex and will look great on the shoulders of the biker in you. The leather will give you the bad-girl look you're looking for and protect you in case of a little trouble on the road. Our skulls perfecto are not only good to wear when you are on your bike! Keep them on at all times to beg the grim reaper and stay alive in the best way possible!