Skull Mug



Now enjoy your hot morning drink, coffee, tea or even chocolate milk in your new morning sidekick: your Death's Head Mug. It'll make waking up the best part of your day with its demonic style. Take the first step towards one of these before the reaper comes to visit you!


These accessories are perfect for the morning or any time of the day. Feel like impressing your guests with the realism of these skull cups? Get one today and enjoy your favourite drinks like a modern day Viking. The energy from them will give you the charisma you deserve.

Whether they're made of steel or ceramic, our skull mugs are perfect for making you look like a tourist when your friends visit... Tired of completely banal and unattractive coffee moments? Give your life the spice you deserve by taking the step and nothing will ever be the same again...


We often think that being a true goth, a biker with a strong style or a rock star as the world does not make many, it is simply not the clothes. But of course not... Having accessories worthy of the name should be part of your daily life, for the pleasure of the heart and the eyes.

Whether you like the grim reaper and his style that seems to come straight from hell, Mr Jack for his elegance when it's dark, the skulls of Vikings, the guns of bikers, the evil clowns, or the snakes that wrap themselves around your skull, you are served young rebel of modern times! We offer you the privilege of choosing from more than 100 different mug designs for more and more demons in you...

If you want to cook like a pro, add the skull moulds to your accessories. You'll become a master of skull cakes and your aperitifs will be accompanied by unusual ice cubes... Come and see for yourself!