Skull Tie



Who said it wasn't possible to combine business with pleasure? With our Skull Ties, you'll finally have the means to express your casual style while having a professional outfit suitable for any situation!


With a nice shirt or even a business suit, you'll look stylish, classy and casual with your new skull tie! You can also use it at fancy dress parties to get the talkers talking. You can complete your professional look with a skull neckerchief. It goes perfectly with a suit to combine classy attire with casual wear. Ultra trendy. 🕶

If we had to tell you one advantage of this accessory? It's unusual. And this is your ultimate style weapon. It's unusual to see a man in a suit wearing a tie with a pattern as dark as a human skull. So it's a guarantee that you won't go unnoticed, and above all, it's an opportunity to make your personality stand out in the best possible way.


Patterns printed on an accessory such as a tie are perfect for making a statement to the rest of the world about who you are. The symbolism of the skull and crossbones is manifold. One of the best known is to live each day as if it were your last. Otherwise known as "Momento Mori" this ideology pays homage to the Mexican people who celebrate the dead every year.

Therefore, by daring to show this sign to those around you, you live every day at 100% because you know that the big reaper is waiting for you. You go through life like a soldier on a dangerous mission and you do it perfectly by proudly displaying your skull tie over your shirt!